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A soul's essence cannot be contained in a word, or even a phrase. And so, using my spiritual insight and artistry, I interpret your unique soul qualities/gifts and express them through color and texture and light.

A Soul Cosmology Painting is a one-of-a-kind painting that is infused with a soul’s unique attributes.

Your painting is a charm or medallion for you to gaze at and feel into. As you engage with your Soul Cosmology Painting, you awaken. You begin to recognize "you" again, and open up to receive those most precious aspects of yourself: harmony, beauty, personal power, strength, balance, peace. It is a profound healing.

Imagine commissioning a Soul Cosmology Painting... to

• Enhance feelings of inner peace, self-healing, and well-being

• Strengthen a deeper appreciation for your own inner beauty, sovereignty and bliss

• Illuminate a more profound recognition of your unique genius and gifts, and of the light that is YOU!

• Validate a more grounded connection to your daily experience of Unity Consciousness or Oneness

• Beautify a space with art that translates the language of your soul and reminds you to shine like the noon-day sun
How to Commission Your Soul Cosmology Painting~

First, complete the Questionnaire and email it to Lórien.

Then, an appointment for your Consultation Session with Lórien will be scheduled. Sessions are about 45 minutes conducted via telephone, Skype Voice or Skype Video.
Subsequent consultation sessions can be scheduled as required and requested at an hourly rate.

Finally, your unique painting will be shipped within 3 weeks.

All Soul Cosmology Paintings are fine art originals. Lórien creates them with mixed media and ‘fairy dust’.  There are two options available for the surface:
• 100% archival paper, signed, dated and mounted on 100% archival mat board.  A list of framing resources is also provided.
• Gallery–wrapped canvas

Dimensions & Pricing:
18" x 24" and Up
$1200 and Up
Your personalized painting is specifically made-to-order through custom sizing that meets the scale for your home and/or work place.

Looking for the perfect gift? Why not treat someone you love with a Soul Cosmology Painting or Couple's Soul Cosmology Painting!


"Lórien, I want to thank you for the Soul Cosmology painting you did for me. It is so amazing. The energy of the painting evokes a feeling of expansion - of expanding my own limited perception of me into the vastness of the Universe - of becoming a part of the Onenes. This is so perfect for me because that has been my work this year - to embrace the universal connection of all life. Your painting is at once a reflection of the work I have done and the work I have yet to do. I have so much gratitude for how magnificently you captured that in one session!
Thank you!
All my love,"
Lori, Blissful Awakenings, Owner

“I am delighted with my beautiful Soul Cosmology Painting by Lórien Eck. It's hard to categorize this kind of art because Lórien actually interprets her subject's energy with a kind of 'Artistic Alchemy' that goes beyond being beautiful. It's peaceful and healing and energizes my room. It simply makes me feel good every time I look at it. I couldn't be more pleased - Thank you Lórien!!”
Choury DeVelle Bsc, CHt., NLP Quantum Meditation and Transformation

"Lórien's Essence Paintings are portraits of one's unique beauty. The vibrant colors and the fluid movement of the brush strokes enliven the viewer by bringing joy and happiness to the spirit. She infuses her own love of beauty and color in the paintings and the results are explosions of colorful beauty- like a cosmic bubbly champagne that leaves one feeling giddy!"
Keren Bensoussan, Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer, Sardinia, Italy

“Lórien, I was so impressed by my personal essence portrait. Not only is it a spectacular piece of art but the feeling it brings out in me is Bliss. How do you do it?! It is a mirror to the unique genius that resides within each of us; a bridge between worlds. Challenging to put into words the feeling...It's like trying to describe what a strawberry tastes like… a blissful way to experience your own inner beauty in this medium. Such gratitude for your work... Thank you for reflecting my light back to me on canvas...”
Dr. Christopher Powell, Embrace Life Intl., Owner